(Formerly The Six Figure Summit)

The UK's leading 2 day property investment course - Now online!

Next Event: October 28th & 29th

What is Wealth Through Property?

Our unique Wealth Through Property online package is a specialised training programme, designed to educate potential property investors in key strategies.
Using proven methods to assist in building a property business. This unique package will provide you with the opportunity to learn more about your chosen venture and offer you the chance to network with like-minded people and even invest with.

What can it do for you?

Wealth Through Property offers the perfect guidance for budding property investors or anyone thinking of starting up themselves. The training, set out over two days will teach you about the latest property strategies that are working, and educate you in the different methods needed to get your property portfolio started. You will learn how to have greater diligence over your finances and manage yourself at a personal level. 

What do we do better than anyone else?

We have hosted over 45 events over the course of 2 years, all of our trainers have real world experience and have their own property portfolios. We are on the cutting edge and our knowledge is our power. Through tried and tested methods we have been able to optimise our learning into an education process that is second to none. 
“Within 10 minutes of getting here all my fears disappeared...I'm so excited!”
"So glad I attended. Will not miss another if offered the chance. All expectations met..."
"If you are a serious action taker then this is for you..."

What do we offer?

The course consists of two full days of virtual training live and covers: 

  Day 1    

  • Welcome to Wealth Through Property, Meet Your Assigned Account Manager and the Touchstone Team!
  • An Introduction to the Touchstone Education Founders, Paul & Aniko Smith, the Importance of Multiple Streams of Income and How You Can Become Financially Free Through Property With Paul Smith
  • Learn How to Find, Analyse & Secure Below Market Value Deals Part 1 with Abi Hookway 
  • ​Learn How to Find, Analyse & Secure Below Market Value Deals Part 2. Review Your Deals, Call an Estate Agent Live and Learn How to Negotiate a Price Reduction Before Viewing a Property with Abi Hookway
  • ​Learn How to Find & Fund Deals with None of Your Own Money and How to Get Paid for Sourcing Them with Paul Smith & Gordie Dutfield
  • ​Quick Fire Q&A Session with a Touchstone Education Mentor

  Day 2   

  • ​Welcome to Day 2 of Wealth Through Property
  • ​Delve Deep into Our Property Success Blueprints with Paul Smith
  • ​Quiz our students on how they turned their property dreams into reality and how you can do it too! With Paul Smith & Special Guests
  • ​Learn How to Finally Conquer Your Fears, To Successfully Shape Your Thoughts to Think Like a Property Investor with Paul & Aniko Smith
  • Get All Your Questions Answered by the Leading Industry Experts, Paul & Aniko Smith

Every Wealth Through Property ticket includes a return ticket for a face to face seminar once it becomes safe to do so! This way you can enjoy our amazing training from the comfort and safety of your own home and take advantage of the amazing networking opportunities the course gives you in the future. 

What does it cost?

Wealth Through Property is only £99 for the course, offering you incredible value for money from the comfort of your own home. Upon completion you will be fully prepared to tackle your own property journey...

...But this 2-day course isn't just for beginners. From novice to advanced investor, our leading UK 2-day course delves deep into the specifically designed strategies and mentorship opportunities which will enable you to truly excel in your property investing journey.

What subjects are covered in the course?

Current climate, property industry, getting used to the lingo or further expanding on your current knowledge and skill-set

An overview of our property strategies

Property Investing Fundamentals (learning about how to start a property business and scaling an already existing one)

Millionaire Mindset (learning how to overcome obstacles, the right way to think about money, finding the right people to be around etc)

Networking evening

Talking to our students live Q&A with Paul and students

Raising finance (deal packaging, investors and JV partnerships)

What guarantees do you offer?

We guarantee you will have all the know how and correct mindset to make your vision become reality. We have had thousands of like minded people train with us and so many success stories that we have lost count.
Our Promise To You...
If you’ve never attended a Wealth Through Property event, this will be the TWO most important days of your property investing journey… because you’ll get:
  • Latest proven strategies – what’s working NOW in 2021
  • Real Life Proof – see others just like you who are having huge success
  • Powerful Online Training – with our highly experienced property trainers
  • Generate Immediate Results – you’ll leave ready to make money and change your life!
  • Learn from some of the UK's most experienced property investors
"For others thinking of attending I would 100% recommend it..."
The event was 10/10, couldn’t be better.

The main thing for me is spending time with likeminded people, those who have been there and done that. That is where I want to be, it is a great networking opportunity.  

For others thinking of attending, I would 100% recommend it.

-- Angus Young
"It is a fantastic way to make money, and create more time for yourself..."
The event was fantastic, mainly for me, it’s about cementing what I already know about rent to rent, as we are going on the rent to rent accelerator course next month.

For others looking to attend the course, it is a fantastic way to make money, and create more time for yourself.

-- Sonny Duhre
Frequently Asked Questions
'Is this a get rich quick seminar?'
This is a "create wealth" experience, but you need to apply what you learn. The best way we know to create long-term and financial success in any strategy - including property – is to educate yourself and then apply that knowledge you’ve gained. 

'Will there be sales hype?'
The purpose of the Six Figure Summit is to open your eyes to the opportunities all around you. You'll receive a high level overview of each strategy. You will of course be offered the opportunity of enrolling onto an advanced course, but there’s absolutely no pressure to do so. It’s your decision whether you choose to or not, we’re simply helping you make an informed decision.

'How would you describe your presenters?'
Our presenters are not professional speakers, but rather regular people who have created personal freedom with the strategy they teach. Our trainers are friendly and approachable. We also ONLY work with trainers who are doing what they teach, and can share real world examples and case studies.

'Can I attend for just one day rather than two?'
Of course, but you’ll miss out on receiving the full training and networking opportunities available over the 2 days.

'My partner thinks I’ll be cajoled into signing up for something I shouldn’t!'
We don't cajole anyone. We will present you with options should you wish to work more closely with with us, but there is zero pressure and the decision is entirely your own. Bring your partner along too.

'I think it's too far away'
Doncaster is 90 minutes from London by train, and just off the A1 and M1.
We also hold events in London and Glasgow - please see our upcoming dates schedule.

'Is there a charge for my seat?'
We only ask for a small one time investment of £99 inc VAT. So we can reserve your seat. We offer a 14 day refund policy on your ticket. If your purchase is within 14 days of your chosen event, we require any refund request at least 72 hours before the event starts.

This is because we pay for your place in advance which includes your seat, food and refreshments and by not showing up you are taking up a seat that could have been booked by somebody else.

'Can I bring a plus one?'
Yes, you can pay for 2 tickets and then give use their details after you've paid for them.

'Is there parking?'
Doncaster yes, but other locations vary. Our London events are held in the city itself, so public transport may be a better option.

'Do we send the slides out?'
No we don’t, but we do allow the taking of still photos only and as many notes you’d like at the event

'What time does it start?'
Registration opens at 9.15am on day one and the event kicks off at 10am.

'Will there be a meal provided?'
We provide a lunch on both days and breakfast on day two.

'What time will the event end?'
We do endeavour to stay as close to the finish time of 5.30pm as possible. However, we are committed to the highest standard of presentation and insist that all materials are covered. Therefore, the schedule may vary.

'Will there be wheelchair access?'
Yes, wheelchair access is available at the venues we hold our events.

'Can I speak to someone if I have a question?'
We would love to answer your questions by phone. Please call our office on 01302 897131 or email office@touchstoneeducation.co.uk where a member of our team will be more than happy to assist.

“Loving Every Minute – Great Audience, Great Speakers, Amazing Content… I Want More!”
“We Learned Lots of New Strategies and Met A Lot of Successful People”
 “There’s a Fantastic Energy Here…
It’s Like a Family!”
 “I’ve Learned Lots of New Strategies I Didn’t Know Anything About”
 “The Immense Amount of Knowledge Shared and Rubbing Shoulders with Successful Individuals Has Blown My Mind”
 “Amazing Info Presented In a Way That’s Easy To Understand and Accessible To Anyone”
 “I’ve Already Got Lots of Experience But It Was Very Informative and Lots of New Things To Pick Up”
 “I Like That Fact That There’s Not Much ‘Rah Rah’ and It’s a Structured Approach”
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