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Touchstone Education Proudly Presents...
2 Day Workshop
Touchstone Education Proudly Presents...
Property & Wealth Workshop
What is 'RETIRE NOW' ?
An intensive and interactive 2 day workshop giving you the skills to become Financially Free, hosted by Touchstone Education's mentors, George & Sarah Choy.

Learn the RETIRE NOW! Blueprint that George and Sarah used to become Financially Free - enabling them to retire when Sarah was only 39 years old!

What will you learn about over the 2 days?

The Retirement Figure
Expense Optimisation
Thoughts and Dreams
Income Producing Assets
Retirement Systemisation
One's Purpose

What Will You Go Away With By The End Of This Course?
  • Learn the step-by-step 'Retire Now!' system and be able to retire younger than you thought was possible
  • ​You can increase your cash flow very quickly
  • ​Create your Financial Freedom / Retirement action plan
  • ​Design your dream life
  • ​Develop a welathy mindset
  • ​Clarify the property strategies most suitable for you
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    Our Promise To You...
    By the end of this course, you'll be armed with the exact step by step knowledge that will allow you to:
    • ​Implement their Financial Freedom plan
    • ​Most people will have increased their cashflow during the 2 days of the course
    • ​How to find more time to build your property business outside of your day job
    • ​Finding hidden money for property investing
    • ​Focus on your chosen property strategies
    • ​Understand the company structures you will need
    • ​Use the network built on the course for accountability
    ...and lots more.

    The course will be taught by Touchstone Education's mentors George and Sarah Choy.

    About George & Sarah Choy

    George and Sarah are Touchstone Education mentors at the Platinum Mastermind and winners of the Touchstone Financial Freedom Award 2019.

    With 16 years of property experience, Sarah was able to retire through property when she was only 39 years old. George and Sarah have a £1.8 million property portfolio, comprising Commercial Property, Buy to Let, Serviced Accommodation and have Joint Ventured on Commercial  Conversions.

    George and Sarah previously ran a Personal Training company. Sarah worked in an Estate and Lettings Agent for 2 and 1/2 years and is a Nutritional Consultant, whilst George is a qualified Personal Trainer.
    Reserve Your Seat For 'RETIRE NOW'
    (Limited capacity : book your ticket(s) now to avoid disappointment)
    Any Questions? Call: 01302 897131
    What to Expect
    Dr John Demartini says “The  individuals who invest in their education are buying opportunities.” If we’d had the correct knowledge of property and systems when we started, we could have retired in our twenties. Sure, we are degree educated, but we didn’t have the right property knowledge. We show you different methods to increase your knowledge.

    When we went  through this exercise, we increased our monthly cash flow by £1,000 per month!
    Imagine if I gave you a cheque for £12,000 right now?
    What difference would that make to your life? 
    Could you retire already, or work less days? 
    We will show you how to do it.
    The biggest  stumbling block to becoming financially
    free…is you.
    You are the barrier—you are the thing standing in the way of your financial freedom. 
    We are going to help you to change your  mindset from a “poor” mindset, to a “wealthy” mindset. 
    And we’re also going to help you to identify  your values— so you can design your dream life, and focus your energy on achieving it.
    Your network is your net worth. In here are the steps you can take to improve the value of your network. In your network there will be many things such as knowledge, money and deals—this will help you on your property journey.
    Reserve Your Seat For 'RETIRE NOW'
    (Limited capacity : book your ticket(s) now to avoid disappointment)
    Any Questions? Call: 01302 897131
    Limited Fast Action Bonuses
    BONUS #1: DEAL ANALYSER (Normal price £495 + VAT)

    This instant quickstart tool was developed by our mastermind members so that you'll get a simple, quick and reliable analysis of any property, every time!


    As part of this incredible fast-action bonus you'll get access to our estate agency team based in South Yorkshire where you'll get to spend a half-day looking for below market value properties with their help and guidance.


    Ramsay & White are specialists in property finance. With access to market leading lenders and a broad network of experts, they will find the solution that best fits your property finance requirements.

    How It Breaks Down
    RETIRE NOW is a 2 day in-person course taught by Touchstone Education's mentors George & Sarah Choy.

    Date: 23rd March - 24th March 2020 

    Venue: Touchstone HQ, Doncaster

    Future dates planned up until December 2020 (dates to be confirmed): Book your ticket now and use this for any 2020 date at the current price.

    Lunch and refreshments will be provided throughout the day.
    Course Itinerary

    - Two Full Days With George and Sarah

    - Lunches and Refreshments Provided

    - Networking Drinks

    - Learning the step-by-step 'Retire Now' system
    Reserve Your Seat For 'RETIRE NOW'
    (Limited capacity : book your ticket(s) now to avoid disappointment)
    Any Questions? Call: 01302 897131
    What Others Are Saying

    Scott Weir

    "A big thanks to Paul & Aniko Smith in the early days and now all the other amazing people that are part of Touchstone who have helped me over the last few years"

    Anita Louise Coombe

    "Paul and Aniko, I think it's quite possible that between the two of you there's nothing you don't know. Thank you for sharing your tremendous knowledge and insight"

    Jack Lindsay Stiff

    "A big thank you Paul and Aniko, without whose training I wouldn't have had the knowledge or inspiration to set up a property business."

    John Sparks

    "I feel very much more confident we have a future in property. Thank you Paul you were wonderful and we were impressed!"

    Debra Lewis

    "I would definitely recommend Touchstone - also, the fact they are CPD is a definite bonus for me!!!."

    Dave Hartnett

    "I've been involved with property for 15 years and can honestly say what I've learned from Paul has led to me making cashflow of £10-15k a month from property."
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    It doesn't matter if you're brand new and just starting in property... or if you've already got one or two properties under your belt.

    We've helped people at every level, and if you're ready to start living a bigger life then we're excited to show you the exact steps to make that happen in the fastest possible time.

    Get started by purchasing your ticket below, and we'll look forward to working with you closely over 2 days at the Retire Now course (IMPORTANT: our team will follow up with you after your purchase to help you select the best date for you)
    995 (+VAT)
    • 2 Days of the 'RETIRE NOW' system with George and Sarah
    • ​Lunch & Refreshments provided
    • Networking Drinks
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    PLUS You'll Also Get This Special Bonus!!!

    RETIRE NOW Book (Worth £9.99)

    RETIRE NOW! shows you how George and Sarah started a £1.8 million property portfolio without any money—and were able to retire when Sarah was only 39 years old.
    RETIRE NOW! will help people at all levels of property experience, from complete beginners to those with 10 or more properties. It is not about cryptocurrency, or stocks and shares.
    5 Reasons to Attend this Course
    Is This Workshop For You?
    Here are the 5 reasons to attend the 'Retire Now' course:
    • Property alone will not make you financially free - you need to learn how to retain wealth and get more out of every pound you spend
    • ​Create your Financial Freedom / Retirement action plan
    • ​Immediately increase your cashflow and learn how to raise finance for property investing
    • ​Be confident you are pushing the right property strategy
    • ​Learn how you manage your property time with your day job
    So if any of the above resonates with you, then we can’t wait to welcome you to the 'Retire Now' course, and reward your commitment with the most COMPLETE implementation program available.
    Reserve Your Seat For 'RETIRE NOW'
    (Limited capacity : book your ticket(s) now to avoid disappointment)
    Any Questions? Call: 01302 897131
    Further Case Studies from the Touchstone Family
    "Bought a 5 bedroom B&B for £185k, took our first guest 2 weeks later. First 12 months 87% occupancy with £73k T/O, £3k a moth net profit. Financed with no money down. JV deposit and bridging loan. Re-financed within 12 months on bricks and mortar. Left the JV money in. We’re cash flowing the business really efficiently. Now looking for uppers. Long term tenant downstairs."
    "The commercial portfolio builder opened my eyes with the knowledge Paul and Aniko have shared and will take my business to the next level. I am now confident to take the next step on my commercial journey".
    "Using what I learnt from Paul I saved £400,000 from capital allowances. I strongly recommend the course for new and experienced commercial investors as there are so many ways to save money from a tax perspective."
    "This course has really changed my view on commercial property. Paul has lifted to an other level and I am really looking forward to implement what I’ve learned. Anyone considering coming on this course, come along and change your life."
    "Fantastic course, people and content. Packed with great information. I am going to use my SSAS to re-engineer flats and apartments to make better use of space for local communities.."
    Reserve Your Seat For 'RETIRE NOW'
    (Limited capacity : book your ticket(s) now to avoid disappointment)
    Any Questions? Call: 01302 897131
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